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Archive for September 16, 2017

2017—Black And Bloom

After spending way too much time trying to keep the feeder out of my hummingbird shots, I decided to give the hummers something more photogenic to feed on.  My red blossomed Pineapple Sage, a favorite of my hummers, is not in bloom at the moment.    I love purple flowers, too, so when I visited Green Acres Nursery (it’s the place to be) and saw this gorgeous Salvia called Black and Bloom, (what a fabulous name) I knew it would be perfect.   I potted it and placed the pot on a wheeled dolly so that I can move it to make sure the background is good when I photograph the hummers I knew would come to immediately.  And, they did.

Black and Bloom 2.jpgfirst feeding at salvia