2017—Please, Mr. Postman

So many photographs I take bring to mind songs I know so well that they start playing in my head, over and over.  When I identified this butterfly that I photographed in Costa Rica in June, I learned its common name is Small Postman.  It should be obvious, then, what song is running through my head.   Heliconius erato, or the Small Postman, also known as   the Red Postman, is distinguished from an almost identical species , H. melpomene, called simply The Postman, by the dots where the wing attaches to the thorax.  The Small Postman has four, The Postman, only three.

And, wait a minute, wait a minute, dear reader.   I’m pretty certain I know what song’s running through your head now too.  You’re welcome.

Red Postman Butterfly CR.jpg