2017—Hummingbird Heaven

The threat of rain kept us close to the lodge on Tuesday afternoon so we set up our tripods and long lenses on the deck at the lodge and waited.  Local hummingbirds spend a fair amount of time at flowers surrounding the deck.  Costa Rica has fifty different hummingbird species and about a third of them are seen on the Osa Peninsula.  In less than an hour, we were rewarded with visits by three different species of hummingbird that entertained us and kept us on our toes as we tried to capture photographs of these tiny and very fast birds as they sipped nectar.  We were able to photograph (some more successfully than others) the Stripe-throated Hermit, the Violet Headed Hummingbird, and my favorite for today’s post, because I was most successful photographing it, is the Blue-throated Golden Tail.

Blue Throated Goldentail.jpg