2017—Yellow Bird

This bird isn’t “up high in banana tree” but it’s certainly yellow and it was out in the open enough for me to get my camera focused on it.  This is a Wilson’s Warbler.  The primarily yellow feathered warblers that we saw at Magee Marsh, the Prothonotary, the Yellow, and the Wilson’s Warblers were the brightest warblers in the trees.  It was still hard for me to find them with my lens, especially when I didn’t remember to prefocus on an area so that I could quickly move to find the bird in my view finder.  We found this Wilson’s Warbler Thursday afternoon in a thicket of trees the separates the Magee Marsh boardwalk from the parking lot.  We chose the parking lot side of the trees that afternoon to shelter us from the relentless, intense winds that had kicked up.  There were white caps on Lake Erie and a passing thunderstorm forced us back to the vehicle for 30 minutes or so.  This warbler reappeared quickly after the downpour.

Wilson's Warbler.jpg