2017—Ohio Sunrise And Sunset

This is my first visit to Ohio.  I’m on a photography workshop with Moose Peterson and we’re photographing warblers at Magee Marsh on Lake Erie.  Photographing fast moving tiny birds hiding among bright green spring leaves is proving quite a challenge for me.  But, on the way to Magee Marsh this Tuesday morning, we drove past the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station as the sun was coming up behind the cooling tower.  I looked out the window, grabbed my cell phone (all my camera gear was in my camera bag in the rear of the vehicle) and snapped this shot.  Then, Tuesday evening as I was downloading photographs from the day’s shooting, I looked out the window of my room at the Holiday Inn Express in Port Clinton as the sun was setting.  Lake Erie is on the other side of the trees in this shot, also taken with my cell phone.  The water is a little inlet off a bay on Lake Erie.  It’s unnamed on Google maps.

File May 16, 8 57 24 PMFile May 16, 8 42 50 PM