2016—Non-feathery Boa

We were in Costa Rica mainly to photograph birds.  But there are lots of other exotic creatures on the Osa Peninsula that don’t have feathers,  including lots of reptiles.  I wasn’t surprised to see the iguanas or Jesus Christ lizards but I have to say I was a bit taken aback when Gary told us there was a boa constrictor just a few feet away in the garden near the Luna Lodge deck.  The lodge’s mascot, Osa, a shepherd mix, was nearly asphyxiated by a boa constrictor a few months prior to our arrival.  Osa encountered the beast under the deck and was quickly encircled by it.  Fortunately, Gary was nearby and was strong enough to to pry the snake from around Osa’s belly.  But, the encounter seems not to have deterred Osa.  She seems intent on continuing to explore under the deck. The day before we were told of the boa constrictor in the garden, I heard about  Osa’s encounter with the snake because she was under the deck  barking at something.  When we heard about the boa the next day, I had to wonder if Osa had seen it first under the deck.

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