2016—Spasm Geyser

The geysers in the large cluster of geysers within the Fountain Paint Pot area of Yellowstone erupt periodically at unpredictable times and  at unpredictable heights.  These shots are of Spasm Geyser which was putting on quite a show.  Bob, Javier, Eric, and Moose are intent on capturing the eruption at its peak moment.  I was more interested in capturing them capturing the geyser.Yellowstone Day 1-4416Yellowstone Day 1-4515Yellowstone Day 1-4444

2016—Lone Elk

I expected to see as many elk as I saw bison in Yellowstone but in the areas of Yellowstone we visited, we saw elk only twice.  In the late afternoon on our final day in the park we spotted a male.  Another elk was further up the hill, possibly his mate, but I never saw its head.  The elk was in dappled shade so correct exposure was difficult.  In most of my shots, he was head down, feeding on the grasses beneath the powdery snow but he finally looked up and around so I was able to get a decent shot of his face.  If only he’d walked on top of a rock outcropping so his legs were completely visible, not chopped off as he sunk into the snow.

Yellowstone Day 5-9255

2015—El Poró Blanco

On my first morning in Costa Rica a year ago in January 2015, while I waited for the other photographers to arrive in San José where we were gathering to fly to the Osa Peninsula, I wandered around the grounds of the hotel and discovered a beautiful tree with intriguing clusters of flowers. In Costa Rica, the tree is called “el poró blanco.” Its Latin name is Erythrina Fusca. I can’t find a translation for “poró” so I’m in the dark about what its common name means.  I will return to Costa Rica this week but I won’t be able to photograph this lovely flowering tree again because I will arrive in San José after dark and will leave again the next morning before daylight.

Costa Rica Day 1-80-Edit

Costa Rica Day 1-101-Edit

2016—Planet Nine?

I just read that astronomers at the California Institute of Technology announced that they have found new evidence of a giant icy planet lurking in the darkness of the solar system far beyond the orbit of the former 9th planet, Pluto.  They have dubbed the icy planet “Planet Nine.”   The Norris Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park has such an icy, otherworldly look that I imagine this could be what Planet Nine looks like.

Yellowstone Day 5-8993

2016—Beamer Practice

I’m practicing using my Better Beamer with my speed light and Big Bertha in preparation for Costa Rica.  I’ll need the Better Beamer so that I can “beam better” into the rainforest adding light to capture some of those exotic feathered creatures that remain so elusive by hiding deep in the darkness.  This male Anna’s hummer wasn’t hiding deep in the darkness but it was getting darker when I zeroed in on him at the feeder.

Better Beamer-8715-2.jpg

2016—Same Coyote, Different View

This is the same coyote that I photographed in Yellowstone last week and posted in my blog.  I liked this shot even better because the coyote is looking directly at me.  On Tuesday evening of this week, I entered the original version of this shot in my camera club’s January photo critique.  It was well received but I lost a point because I didn’t crop the shot to eliminate some of the snow that the judge deemed unnecessary.  After the judge requested that my photo be cropped on screen, it was obvious why he asked.  In the cropped version, even though just a little snow at the bottom was removed, that small change made a huge difference.  When I took the first shot I posted last week, the coyote was closer to me and cropping wasn’t needed.   This is the cropped version of the shot I presented to my camera club.

Yellowstone Day 1-3166