2016—Ship Ahoy

On Thursday we took the Skimmer out of Fulton, TX with Cap’n Tommy for a four hour whooping crane excursion.  We saw a handful of whooping cranes but they were so far away they looked like wads of paper on the grass, even with my 300mm lens with the 1.7 X Teleconverter, making it essentially a 500mm lens.  So my bird photos weren’t up to snuff.  I didn’t have a wide angle lens with me, only the 300mm so my photo options were limited once we got into the harbor.  I managed to take just a few shots of some of the oyster and shrimp boats docked there.  My favorite shots were of the “Lucky Lady” and Capt. Eddie’s boat.

Port A Day 4-3126Port A Day 4-3130