The other day, someone said to me that they always knew I was home when they saw hummers posted on my blog.   I’m home (briefly) and, to prove it, here are some shots of my own backyard hummers.  Thursday morning, when I was ready to leave for the gym, I noticed the fountain was low on water.  As I filled it with the hose, the female Anna’s hummer flitted around me, then settled on the spray from the nozzle for a few seconds, as if to tell me she had waited far too long for me to fill it.  The center bubble the hummers and all the birds love so much is not bubbling like it should so I need to work on that.  When I filled the other fountain, its bubble shot up a few inches.  When I went inside and picked up my things to leave, I noticed the hummer bathing in the high bubble on the other fountain. I grabbed my camera and, from the back door, took a few shots.  The focus isn’t great but it fascinates me how much all the birds love the bubble spewing from the fountains.  In the first shot, the hummer appears to be sitting atop the bubble.  As you can probably guess, I scrapped my plans to go to the gym and instead sat outside in the warm morning sun and enjoyed my hummers.

These are all shots of the female Anna’s Hummingbird.  They are all hand held using the Nikon Df, 300mm lens, and 1.4X teleconverter, and cropped a little.