2015—Costa Rica—Never Smile At A Crocodile

We visited Laguna Peje Perrito three times and kayaked on it twice. It is about a half hour away from Luna Lodge, right behind the sand dunes which separate it from the Pacific Ocean. Those kayaking outings were just about the coolest thing I’ve ever done. First of all, the kayaks were sit atop plastic, very stable kayaks. They weren’t really sea kayaks like the ones I took lessons in a few years ago and failed the self rescue part of the class. I felt very comfortable on them and my lessons stood me in good stead as I was able to maneuver my paddles easily. This was a very empowering trip because we had with us only a beach towel to keep the water off our cameras. We didn’t even take straps. Wow. I gained lots of confidence taking photographs this way. What was so incredible about these outings was that we were mere feet away from the wildlife. The shore birds ignored us, the white face monkeys tolerated our presence while they foraged for nectar from flowers in the trees, and the crocodile, yes, the crocodile, didn’t even acknowledge our presence. We were only a hundred feet or so away from the croc as it surfaced from beneath a patch of bubbles that gave away its location. I didn’t hear any ticking so I guess it’s not the same croc that chomped on Captain Hook.

Costa Rica 2015-022-873

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  1. No strap? OMG! And there were crocodiles? You are so out of my league- and GOOD FOR YOU! I’m proud of you!

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