2015—Costa Rica—Sloth

A mother two-twoed sloth and her baby lounged high up in a tree about a hundred feet away from my bungalow for the entire week we were at Luna Lodge moving not more than a few inches the entire time. All of my shots the first few days were photos of fur. On Friday, I went alone to see if I could get better shots and it was so hot and steamy that my view finder fogged up so I couldn’t see what I was photographing. I thought I had just taken more shots of fur. On Saturday morning, before we left for San José, I returned to see if I could get one more shot and the tree was empty. It wasn’t until Saturday evening when we were reviewing photos back at the Hampton Inn in San José before our flights home Sunday morning that I realized I had captured the faces of both the mother and the baby sloth. I used my speed light with the Better Beamer attached so that the flash beam reached far enough to illuminate the animals.

Costa Rica 2015-023-024-152