2015-Costa Rica-Tamales Today

I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica Friday night. I came down a day earlier than everyone else so I’m taking it easy today. Early tomorrow we will fly in puddle jumpers to Luna Lodge deep in the rain forest on the Osa Peninsula. I had to tell Moose my weight. Gasp! I lied. Gasp! But only by 1 pound and Friday when I left home I weighed what I told him. Phew. Hope there’s no scale at the airport.

The San Jose Airport Hampton Inn is a jumping off place for various adventurers who, as I write, are congregating with their various groups in the communal breakfast room. The breakfast fare is typical for any chain hotel: yogurt, granola, scrambled eggs, waffles, fruit, tamales wrapped in banana leaves. Say what? Of course that’s what I chose for breakfast. ¡Deliciosa! And I think this is a “first” for In Focus Daily. I wrote this entire post on my iPhone and I took the photo with my iPhone…a bit ironic I suppose as I am in Costa Rica on a photography adventure with my “big girl” cameras.

Addendum: I just looked at this post, and its accompanying photograph, on my computer screen. When I took this shot on my iPhone, I didn’t notice the mosquito perched on the banana leaf, a significant irony, as two of my blog followers can attest. While I waited at the Phoenix airport to fly to Costa Rica, I frantically corresponded with them over whether or not I should take the anti-malaria pills my overly cautious doctor prescribed. Costa Rica has few traveler health requirements and I just didn’t want to take one more pill, whose side effects were quite alarming and which I hadn’t reviewed until that morning. I decided against taking it (Moose also chimed in and he doesn’t do it) so to see my potential nemesis perched on my breakfast, yikes!


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