One new photograph, almost every day of the year

2015—For The Birds

While packing my camera gear for my trip, I noticed lots of bird activity at the fountain so I stopped what I was doing, picked up a camera, attached a lens, and missed the shot. The hummers were bathing at one point, the bushtits were cavorting, and the goldfinches, too. I missed it all but a little while later, camera and lens still married, I finally got this lesser goldfinch bathing enthusiastically. Right after I got these shots, I missed the hummer which was chirping at the feeder only a few feet away; I turned but I was too close to get him in focus with my long lens and by the time I stepped back, he was gone. So, my bird photography today was literally, for the birds, plus it sucked. But I’m hoping that I’ll do better with birds in Costa Rica. My blog may be spotty or nonexistent for a week or so as I am uncertain about the wifi connection at Luna Lodge.



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