2015—Ghostly Skeleton

The Valley’s tule fog has returned——at least for now. The thick, pea soup, ground-clinging tule fog we experience in the winter here has been largely absent the past couple of years because of the drought. The past few mornings have been quite foggy and tule fog can make driving exceptionally dangerous and nerve wracking (think, “can’t see the hood ornament”) and I have canceled more than one trip over the years because of tule fog. But, the fog wasn’t horribly thick Tuesday morning and it made the landscape exceptionally mysterious, etherial, and alluring. I was late to the gym because on the way, a ghostly, skeletal oak lured me over. The sun was beginning to dissolve the fog and I knew I had just minutes to capture this mood.

Focal Length 36mm; ISO 100; f/16; 1/100