2014—Dirty Chai

I was introduced to, and fell in love with, Dirty Chai Lattés at Famous Mo’s Coffeehouse & Theater. Because I now have my own espresso machine at home, I can indulge in my obsession with this wonderful libation any time I choose. A dirty chai latté, if you’re not familiar with it, is a chai (sweetened black tea infused with herbs and spices) latté (in my case made with nonfat milk) with a double shot of espresso added. It’s an afternoon pick me up with a double whammy, caffeine from the tea and from the espresso. Making them gives me a chance to practice pulling shots, frothing milk, and drawing designs in the froth.

When I decided to make one this afternoon, I thought I’d photograph the design made with the espresso in the froth, a simple leafy pattern which is about all I can manage for now. Since the macro lens was already on the camera from the prior day’s macro shots of the seashell, I decided to do macro shots. I processed this in Perfect Effects 8, adding a ghost border and intensifying the color of the espresso.

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