2014—Urban Fragments

I spent the day sorting through clutter and papers that have accumulated so quickly that I really wonder if there ever could be a “paperless” society as was so optimistically predicted more than 30 years ago. At one point in my shredding, I knocked over the bin of paper shreds, spilling its contents onto the floor. When I looked at the pile I was surprised to see words and numbers that were actually meaningful. I realized I was shredding incorrectly. Who knew there was a right way and a wrong way to shred? Feed the paper in; the shredder cuts it up, right? Wrong. If the paper is fed with the information parallel to the blades, even with a cross-cut shredder, the information that I am trying to obliterate can, at some level and with some effort, still be read if anyone is predisposed to do so. I looked at the heap of paper shreds and decided there was a photograph in it somewhere. And, once again, what luck! A recent Flickr challenge was “urban fragments.” If my shredded papers aren’t urban fragments, nothing is!

Day 145-14

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