If you’re following my blog, you know that I’m becoming a BBQ queen. I’ve barbecued 11 out of the last 12 days with my new Weber Performer Platinum grill and its electronic gas ignition. At the Auburn Home Show on Friday, I went to a barbecued pork rib demonstration by a local chef who is also a purveyor of barbecue rubs, i.e., “Big Dick’s Rib Rub—A Treat For Your Meat” (I kid you not). I actually bought some because the sample was fabulous and until I can figure out what spices he uses, I’ll rely on his to do ribs. I’m sure that with the title of this blog post, you’re thinking it’s about barbecued ribs. Not at all. At the Auburn Home Show on Saturday, I found an antique wooden canoe on display that caught my eye. It was a beautiful thing. My favorite shot of the several I took was of the canoe’s ribs, that I modified slightly in Perfect Effects.

Day 137-37-Edit-Edit-Edit

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