2014—Balancing The Big Dipper

We spent last Friday night at Balanced Rock in Arches taking photos of heavenly bodies with light painting by Moose. We spent at least a half hour setting up our cameras to capture heavenly bodies. It was a more difficult process than I thought it would be and I need to keep practicing it but I doubt I’ll be able to find gorgeous star studded night skies without light pollution around here. After we adjusted our settings to capture the Milky Way, we stumbled our way in the dark up to Balanced Rock. Moose ‘painted’ Balanced Rock with swaths of light ( you can read Moose’s comments about the experience here ) while we triggered our cameras on cue. My results are marginal at best but the potential for something fabulous is there. Here is my shot of the Big Dipper with Balanced Rock awash in light to the left.

Arches Stars-72

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