I’m home from my Moab adventure. I’ve missed a few days of posts because our days were full and long and I didn’t have the time or the energy to post. The trip was a wonderful mix of photography, food, fiascos, fortitude, friendship, fissures, and few clouds (hey, I’m on a roll with the f-words!). With Moose Peterson, it’s all about the light and the light on this trip was not what we were all hoping for because there were few clouds to enhance our sunrises and sunsets and the light was bright and harsh on our midday excursions. So, we sought other types of photographic subjects that took advantage of the type of light we did have.

As we searched at midday of Day 4 for photo opportunities we encountered right next to the roadway, sheer cliffs from which rock climbers dangled. Spider-man doesn’t have a leg up on the guys and gals we watched. The first climber is rappelling down the rocks after finishing his climb; His shadow on the wall made me think of Spider-man. To show some scale to these rock walls, the second photo shows a climber ascending.

I had my 24-70mm lens on my D800 for these shots, using Aperture priority with the f/stop set to 7.1. The first shot is at 70mm, the second is 24mm. I first tried the 70-200mm lens but I didn’t like the results because it didn’t let me show the scale of the walls. What separated us from the climbers was a two lane road. Behind us was the Colorado River so we couldn’t back up too far.

Arches Day 4-354

Arches Day 4-245