2014—Fish Eye

This morning, Kevin let me use his fisheye lens to take this shot at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park. It is my favorite shot of the morning and I had lots of help editing it. When complete frustration at my editing efforts became apparent, Richard stepped in to help; then he suggested I ask Moose for help, which I did. When Moose came to my rescue, he asked me what I didn’t like about the photo and I told him I didn’t like the brightness at the center of the shot. He first suggested cropping, then when I was still displeased, he suggested I reduce the brightness of the upper left blues and that I decrease the highlights and increase exposure. Wow! What a difference. I love this shot; the background reminds me of the background of the Mona Lisa. Hmmm. If I didn’t know that Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa in the early 1500’s, I would swear he came to Mesa Arch to paint it.

Arches Day 3-58