2014—Arches Day 1—A Room With A View

We’re here! Red Cliffs Lodge is in a breathtaking setting, one we couldn’t resist running out to photograph as soon as we checked into our rooms. The red cliffs loom majestically over the slowly moving Colorado River with a backdrop of passing storm clouds. This area is stunningly beautiful. I hope I take photos over the next four days that will do it justice. And what a difference an hour makes. I took the first photo about 4:15 and as I was writing my blog to post it, I looked outside, saw the light breaking through and ran out to get another shot. I’m glad I did because the difference really does illustrate that it’s “all about the light” and now, a mere 15 minutes later, the view out my window looks just like the first shot again.

Moose, Kevin, and Sharon (Mrs. Moose) met us at the Grand Junction airport as the seven workshop participants arrived over the course of the morning and early afternoon from all parts of the country. It looks like we’ll have a fun group and I know most of them from previous trips! I know Kevin and Moose, of course, from my two trips with them last year; Eric, Bob, and Javier were on the Grand Canyon trip; and Richard was in the Grand Tetons. I know Sharon from many e-mails and phone calls but this was our first face to face meeting. The two new (to me) participants are Connie and Robert.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Arches Day 1-23

Arches Day 1-6-2