2014—Bathing Bushies

There was almost an altercation this afternoon between the hummers and the bushtits over possession of the fountain. When the bushtits crowded the fountain, the hummers flitted about and squeaked their displeasure but they didn’t dive bomb the “bushies”—as I have come to call them—and they stopped short of joining in the public bathing display. The bushtits are noisy delightful little creatures and they bathe en masse. I’ve featured them in the blog before but can never resist a great bird shot so here is another shot of the bushtits. These little birds must live nearby because they have been bathing in the fountain regularly which apparently annoys the hummers. As with the hummers, though, I cannot get enough of them so you’ll likely be seeing more of these bathing bushies in my blog.

Day 35-47