2014—All Zipped Up

I’m leaving tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 4AM for the airport to fly to Arches National Park in Utah for another photography workshop with Moose Peterson and Kevin Dobler. Most of my camera gear is packed into my ThinkTank camera bag and my suitcase is bulging to the point of bursting but I managed to get my tripod and hiking boots and a week’s worth of cold weather clothes into a carryon size suitcase AND zip it closed! I wasn’t going to take any photos today because I’ve been busy packing and getting ready but once everything was packed, I had some time so I checked out my Flickr group’s challenges and I thought my bulging suitcase would fit the “containers” challenge. With my tripod packed, I had to improvise with a stack of books on the step ladder and I decided to focus just on the zippers.

Oh, and I used my 24-70mm and my D800 for this shot. Although it’s a closeup, I didn’t feel the need to macro-ize it. (Is that even a word?)

Day 49-4

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