2014—It’s A Small World After all

I’m am starting to focus on assembling my camera equipment and my clothes and especially my now-huge collection of warm gloves for my trip to Arches next week. It doesn’t look like the weather will be the bone-chilling 0° we had at the Grand Canyon last year at this time but the lows will be below freezing and in addition to Arches National Park sights, we’re going to be photographing star trails and other heavenly bodies so we’ll be outside at night. Despite my need to get ready, though, I am so fascinated by my new macro lens that I keep looking around for small things to photograph.

My boxes of shells from Port Aransas seem to hold the most promise right now. I sorted through the box and found the smallest shells. The conch shaped shell is the largest at about 7/8 of an inch and the tiny auger shell is just slightly over 5/8″ in length. The sand dollar is about 5/8″ and is the one shell that has been setting on my bathroom shower ledge for at past two years and, with the naked eye, I did not notice the tiny little black fibers that are so clear in this photograph. I would have thought they might be part of the sand dollar if it weren’t for the one teal colored fiber that must be from one of my teal colored tops. I don’t think that color is natural to a sand dollar, dead or alive. I guess I need to dust more often.

And, as I said in an earlier post, “Stop me before I photograph everything smaller than a nickel!!” Oh, maybe I need to photograph a nickel!

Day 44-2-3

Day 44-12

Day 44-5-2

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