2014—Focus Ring

Stop me before I photograph everything smaller than a nickel!! This is a sundial shell I picked up on one of the Gulf beaches at Port Aransas a couple of years ago. It measures less than 3/4 of an inch.

While I’m loving my new macro lens, I’m still working on focus. I’m not used to manually focusing things so after watching Bill Fortney’s video on Kelby Training, I am trying very hard to follow his advice: start with the subject out of focus then turn the focus ring slightly past and back to focus. Don’t fiddle. It’s hard not to fiddle.

I took this in natural window light and processed it in black and white because the sundial shell had almost no color after exposure to the hot Texas sun for who knows how many years before I snatched it up. This is one of the Silver Efex Pro presets, “high structure, smooth” and I adjusted the contrast and structure a little.

ISO 100
3 seconds shutter

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