2014—Waxing Nostalgic

My husband and I used to play chess. I haven’t played in years and I was never very good at it but I always enjoyed the challenge. One of my Flickr challenges from a day or so ago was “pieces” and today when I thought about that theme, chess pieces came to mind. What I wasn’t expecting was what I found in an old box of chessmen that belonged to my late husband and that I’d never opened before. We used to play with a different set. The original box with wooden chessmen in it, its price marked in blue ink as $1.25, did not contain a completely original set. One of the pawns was made entirely of wax. It is an almost perfect replica of the other pawns except that some of the wax is pink instead of black.

Seeing this pawn made me wax nostalgic for Ron’s creativity and his ability to do just about anything. My guess is that a pawn fell to the floor and one of his dogs (probably Michael, as almost all of his dogs were named Michael) chewed it up. Knowing Ron, he would have created a mold, poured candle wax into it and made a new pawn instead of buying a new set even though $1.25 in the late 50’s or early 60’s would not have been too expensive.

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