My wonderful friends, Susan and Chris Nelsen, both of whom I’ve known for 50 years (well, I’ve known Susan for about 56 years and if you count our first encounter at Blue Bird Camp when we were 8, it’s actually 60 years —omg!) have hosted me at their winter playground in Port Aransas, Texas every year since 2008, except last year when I was totally immersed in Famous Mo’s). My 6th visit ended yesterday and was altogether too short. The unusual inclement weather kept us off the water except for two of my ten days but we did manage to walk on the beach every day except the day the wind chill was 25°. I indulged in locally caught fresh seafood most days, including tuna, flounder, shrimp, black drum, red fish, mussels, and amberjack. Heavenly.

Thank you Susan and Chris for another wonderful time. I’m looking forward to next year.

I took this shot at Fins Seafood and Grill Friday morning. We went there for a farewell breakfast and at last, the weather was so gorgeous we were able to sit outside on the deck overlooking the wharf. I must confess that this photo is Photoshopped big time, for me anyway. I took the photo using my 24-70mm lens set at f/2.8 and because of the large f-stop, the depth of field is very shallow and I didn’t position my subjects properly so when I focused the shot on Chris, Susan was not in focus. I didn’t notice that when I chimped the shot on the LCD panel but I did immediately take two shots of Susan. When I realized the shot of them together needed help, I superimposed the in focus shot of Susan on top of the out of focus one et voilà! A perfect shot of them together!

Port A Day 10-2-Edit

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  1. That is such a great picture of these two! Their personalities really show through- love how Chris’s twinkly eyes peek over his glasses! And you did a head swap!!! Still laughing though about not being able to go outside at 25 degrees . . .

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