2013—Day 341—Let It Snow!

It seems to be snowing everywhere right now. It’s not snowing in Antelope but I had to go to Auburn to exchange my new iPhone for a bigger one (I guess I have too much music and too many audiobooks) where it is snowing. I didn’t want to go to Auburn just because it IS snowing there but the guy at the AT&T store told me that’s the only place I could make the exchange because the Auburn store is not a corporate store. OK, Ma Bell. What gives? While I was in the Auburn quasi AT&T store, it started to snow heavily, at first ball snow (tiny pellets) then huge flakes wafted down. By the time I got back to my car, the lovely, ethereal snow flakes had turned back into the ball snow. Nothing too interesting to photograph.

As I drove home, I saw this oak (?) tree covered in snow and thought it was beautiful. So. I pulled over and took several shots, never quite capturing what I wanted. And, when I got home and downloaded the photos, the tree wasn’t nearly as interesting as I’d hoped until I edited it in Silver Efex Pro. The effect I used is some sort of vintage antique plate. The snow on the trunk and branches is barely visible so it’s not obvious that the tree is covered with snow but the shot reminds me of an old book plate and I really like it.

Day 341-24-Edit-2

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