2013—Day 333—Guardian Of the Stash

Out on a late afternoon stroll with Mady Thanksgiving Day I heard the familiar sounds of an acorn woodpecker. I followed the sound and saw this guy clinging to a dead oak tree where lots of acorns are crammed into holes. I have read that one acorn woodpecker guards the stash while the rest fly around finding more acorns to cram into the holes they drill with their beaks. This guy seems to be a diligent guardian.

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2013—Day 333—Crab Boats

I found myself unexpectedly in San Francisco at Fisherman’s Wharf yesterday and photographed this row of fishing boats there. After looking at the shot and all of these beautiful boats with their brightly painted trim, I decided to see what the shot would look like edited in Perfect B&W. I much prefer the edited version to the original. The boats in this shot look weathered and raw and ready to go out again tomorrow morning for another catch of, yes, Dungeness Crab, which is what drew me to San Francisco in the first place. A nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner at my house today is cracked Dungeness Crab and San Francisco Sourdough bread. One of the loaves I bought is a sourdough loaf shaped like a turkey so turkey WILL be served here on Thanksgiving. It will just have a different texture!

Day 332-30-Edit

2013—Day 331—Leaf Impression

It’s an impression of a tiny oak leaf, in the path where Mady and I have been walking. It is no more than a couple of inches long. It must have settled into the wet concrete and nobody noticed. I played with the color sliders a little to bring out the color in the late afternoon sunlight on the concrete.

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2013—Day 329—Bubble Bath

When I noticed the fountain needed water (Mady has been drinking from the fountain base instead of from her water bowl) I dragged the hose over to refill it and the hummers were waiting for their morning bath in the bubble. So, camera at the ready (D7100 with 70-200mm attached, speed light on, auto focus set to continuous, and shutter speed set to 1/800–love that high speed sync) I managed to capture two of the three hummers bathing together in the bubble. The hummers are very possessive about their bubble bath and will not leave even when I’m planted in a chair, lens pointed in their direction, speed light flashing. Still, as prepared as I was, it is almost impossible to keep them in focus and they dart so quickly that most of the shots of them in flight are blurred, the auto focus feature focusing on the background leaves instead of the hummers. They move so quickly, I am not managing to manually focus on them let alone to keep them in tack sharp focus. Fortunately, I have lots of opportunity to practice as my little family of hummers (three were there this morning) likes the amenities in the Smith garden.

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2013—Day 328—Take Off




I went on a late afternoon walk with Mady, this time at Mahaney Park in Roseville.  I think I have photographed this great white egret before; it seems always to be there.  I followed him from one pond to another, and watched him gulp down his supper but he was in deep shade so my shots were mediocre at best.   Then I actually took the time to adjust my settings in case he took flight.  I raised the shutter speed to 1/500 and changed the focus to “continuous” and my few seconds of introspection about my settings paid off.  I was prepared when the egret flew up and out of the shadows into the golden hour sunlight.

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2013—Day 327—Golden Golden

I took this shot of Mady late yesterday as the afternoon sun was low in the sky and sunset was about 30 minutes away… the “golden hour” they call it in photography. As Golden Retrievers go, Mady is more coppery than gold but I love how the glow of the sun on her fur makes her a golden golden. We were overlooking Dry Creek which was anything but dry and it would have been nice to show that in the background but because I had the 70-200mm lens on the crop frame D7100, and because I needed to keep hold of Mady’s leash, I couldn’t get far enough away to show the water .

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