2013—Day 354—Xmas Song

As I grow older, I am not much of a fan of Christmas music primarily because it starts playing in stores and on some radio stations right after Halloween. To me it has reached the saturation point. I no longer enjoy the beautiful carols and other Christmas music that I used to love singing in choirs and listening to on TV specials and on the stereo. I find myself turning off radio stations and exiting stores with some Christmas classic embedded in my brain until another one takes its place at the next store. This is not particularly new to me. My late husband and I used to torture each other with the opening lines to, you guessed it, “Jingle Bell Rock,” just about any time of the year and for some reason, it is one of those annoying tunes that stays with you.

A recent daily challenge for my Flickr group is ‘a Christmas song’ and, for the record, Mel Tormé’s “The Christmas Song” is my favorite Christmas song of all time, not “Jingle Bell Rock.” However, it is pretty easy to depict “Jingle Bell Rock” in rebus form, not so, “The Christmas Song.” Where is Mel Tormé when you need him?

I realize this is a silly shot but it amuses me. I took it with the D7100 with the 70-200mm lens AND the 2x teleconverter already attached. I couldn’t set up the shot I wanted with my D800 and the 24-70mm lens so I brought out the big guns. I shot this at 155mm (probably 225mm on the D7100, double that with the teleconverter to about 450), f8, ISO 320 (!), left over from an outdoor hummingbird shoot, and 1/8 second on the tripod.

Day 354-38-2