2013—Day 355—Contact

I was playing with my camera yesterday and trying to figure out how to get the cable release to automatically focus on my eyes when I am sitting in front of the camera, not standing behind it making sure the focus is right. It is somewhat magical in that much of the time it manages to focus on my pupils. The resulting shots emphasized my drooping left eye so I became obsessed with trying to get a photograph with reflections in both eyes. This is one of only a couple with reflections in both eyes and my left eye is still clearly drooping. But what also fascinated me is that the speed light and soft box emphasized my contact lenses floating on my eyeballs, especially the droopy left one. The rest of the shot was pretty horrifying to look at so I cropped it to just the eyes, changed it to black and white and changed my irises from ordinary blue to teal.

I never did figure out how to get focus where I wanted it.

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