2013—Day 339—Classic Camera Moon

I find photographing the moon almost as fascinating a challenge as I do hummingbirds and the moon finds itself in my blog almost as often. The different phases of the moon create different scenarios and challenges. The crescent that appeared tonight above Venus drew me out and when I discovered that “Analog Efex Pro” was somehow newly in the list of editing possibilities, I had to try it out. This is one of 9 classic camera settings. It didn’t identify the classic camera being featured. I liked the result and saved it without further edits.

I had the 70-200mm lens attached to the D7100 and the 2X teleconverter as well, making it a 400mm lens. ISO 100; F/8; 1/80. Still, I cropped this slightly. With the teleconverter on the lens, the largest aperture available is f/8.

Day 338-20-Edit