2013—Day 252—Garden Gems

They’re baaaaack! I went out with the Nikon D7100, 70-200mm lens with the 2X teleconverter and the Speed Light when I saw three hummingbirds vying for a place at the feeders. I managed to capture only a few shots because they were very skittish today and the long lens with the teleconverter attached made it unwieldy and hard for me to anchor well despite this lens’s uncanny ability to focus sharply under adverse conditions. So I spent a few minutes trying to follow their antics and the colors I was seeing through the lens in the overcast light were breathtaking. Garden gems to be sure. I had never seen the orange and pink combination in the one shot. All these shots are of the same bird and he’s at two different feeders in my yard.

Day 352-46

Day 352-51

Day 352-61