2013—Day 89—Grand Opening—Mo’s By Day—Mo’s By Night

Doug Thomas, a DJ with The Eagle, snipped the red ribbon about 10 Saturday morning and suddenly, we were open for business. I am embarrassed to admit that I set up the ribbon cutting shot using just the sign as a reference instead of people. When we all scrambled up the embankment to the monument sign, we realized too late that Doug was blocking me. Oh well, live and learn! I do need to work on my group shots. So, left to right, Lisa, our Kitchen Manager, Doug, the DJ, a little bit of me, Jesse my business partner, Kathleen, Jesse’s wife, Rich, our day manager.

Day 89-98-2

Quite a few people stopped by for free coffee and samples of our cinnamon rolls. Evan Zee played acoustic guitar and sang for us and Foxtrot Mary Light, a mini version of Foxtrot Mary played as well, with Tim Brisson on guitar and Mott Reaves and Dana Moret on vocals. This was an incredible afternoon.

Day 89-11-2

The Grand Opening with Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers sold out! What an incredibly fun night.

Day 89-129

And the festivities were over too soon.

Day 89-323

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