2013—Day 65—Cloud 9

Ever since my trip to the Grand Canyon with Moose Peterson, I’ve been thinking about the things I experienced there and the things I learned, especially from Moose. Once of the important lessons that I learned is that not only is the light crucial, but the sky can make or break a photograph. At one point, when I asked about an incredibly gorgeous photograph that Moose took, he mentioned that they called him Mr. Cloud, or something to that effect. Blue skies, overcast skies, flat skies, don’t interest him. Clouds do. I kept that in mind this afternoon while waiting for someone at Home Depot. Sadly, I couldn’t get the best angle on the clouds because of surrounding buildings and I didn’t have time to find an open area so I made a few adjustments to this shot, turned it to black and white, and I kind of like what I captured.

Day 65-18