2013—Day 88-2—A Little Duct Tape

Friday night we opened our doors for a Housewarming Party. The turnout was light but the music was fabulous and the light attendance gave our crew a chance to get in the swing of things in preparation for the Grand Opening. Jeramy Norris and the Dangerous Mood are a phenomenal blues act and we’ll have them back so that when the word gets around about Mo’s, people will be able to experience Jeramy and the Mood. They weren’t at all dangerous! 🙂 My favorite shots were of the instruments because this band’s instruments were intriguing.

I love closeups of the head of guitars for some reason and this base is gorgeous.


Jeramy Norris used a table top to play his guitar!


My favorite shot of the night, though, was this bundle of drum sticks. I didn’t notice if he used the duct tape wrapped stick during the performance.


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