2013—Day 90—Easter Cactus

Today is Easter Sunday. I haven’t left the house all day. I was too tired to even consider taking any photos today. Late this afternoon, I took a couple of Bobo with the Easter Cactus blooming in the background. It started out as a Christmas Cactus but years of neglect have delayed its blooming until spring and so it is now an Easter cactus.

day 90-9

And, this is how I feel right now so I am off to bed and rest at last….

day 90-50

2013—Day 89—Grand Opening—Mo’s By Day—Mo’s By Night

Doug Thomas, a DJ with The Eagle, snipped the red ribbon about 10 Saturday morning and suddenly, we were open for business. I am embarrassed to admit that I set up the ribbon cutting shot using just the sign as a reference instead of people. When we all scrambled up the embankment to the monument sign, we realized too late that Doug was blocking me. Oh well, live and learn! I do need to work on my group shots. So, left to right, Lisa, our Kitchen Manager, Doug, the DJ, a little bit of me, Jesse my business partner, Kathleen, Jesse’s wife, Rich, our day manager.

Day 89-98-2

Quite a few people stopped by for free coffee and samples of our cinnamon rolls. Evan Zee played acoustic guitar and sang for us and Foxtrot Mary Light, a mini version of Foxtrot Mary played as well, with Tim Brisson on guitar and Mott Reaves and Dana Moret on vocals. This was an incredible afternoon.

Day 89-11-2

The Grand Opening with Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers sold out! What an incredibly fun night.

Day 89-129

And the festivities were over too soon.

Day 89-323

2013—Day 88-2—A Little Duct Tape

Friday night we opened our doors for a Housewarming Party. The turnout was light but the music was fabulous and the light attendance gave our crew a chance to get in the swing of things in preparation for the Grand Opening. Jeramy Norris and the Dangerous Mood are a phenomenal blues act and we’ll have them back so that when the word gets around about Mo’s, people will be able to experience Jeramy and the Mood. They weren’t at all dangerous! 🙂 My favorite shots were of the instruments because this band’s instruments were intriguing.

I love closeups of the head of guitars for some reason and this base is gorgeous.


Jeramy Norris used a table top to play his guitar!


My favorite shot of the night, though, was this bundle of drum sticks. I didn’t notice if he used the duct tape wrapped stick during the performance.