2013—Day 83—The Agnews

Yesterday was my Mom’s 96th birthday and we convened at my brother John’s house in Santa Rosa today to celebrate along with her caregivers Luisa and Tammy who are sisters. Mom loved her new red sequined cap and it coordinated well with the sparkly sweater she sported. There was lots of animated talk today and Mom was happy but focused on her food. John made a fabulous coconut shrimp and spinach dish that he concocted and will never be able to duplicate; everyone had seconds because we knew we would never get that exact taste again. When we cut the cake, we joked that Mom would have to have enough breath to blow out 96 candles but in the end there was only one which she nimbly managed to dispense with. I wonder what she wished for?

Here are some shots of my family. My sister-in-law Pam, John’s wife, was cat sitting in San Diego for their son Michael so she wasn’t there. Arthur’s wife Sue joined us, though. After looking at the shot of Arthur, it’s no wonder that they named a nut house after us. 🙂 It is also clear to me that I need to work on focusing group shots, especially when I’m in them!

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2013—Day 82—Slide Guitar

Memphis soul music by Foxtrot Mary filled Famous Mo’s on the second night of our “soft opening” and I was blown away…Foxtrot Mary was fabulous as usual and the energy in the place was palpable, but what blew me away was not a Foxtrot Mary regular but rather Jim Papastathis III who sat in for part of the set. As he played a slide guitar solo I realized that he was sliding a bottle of Deschutes Obsidian Stout. Obsidian Stout is on our beer menu because I insisted it be. I am not usually a beer drinker, preferring an Old Vine Zin to most beers but my brother introduced me to the dark richness of this stout and I discovered my now favorite beer. I wonder if I can sell this photo to Deschutes for an advertising campaign? Oh, and don’t try this at home…unless you’re playing an air guitar!

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2013—Day 81—Mo’s by Night

Famous Mo’s Coffeehouse & Theater opened its doors Friday night. The place is transformed and now actually looks like the cabaret style restaurant we envisioned and not the filthy construction zone it’s been for months and months. We offered a “Theater Menu Lite” so that our staff could get used to the kitchen. Before the show started, there was lots of prepping by our wonderful new staff, including Dallas and James in the kitchen, and a bit of hamming as well by two of our other new employees, Nico and Jacob.

The show started about 8PM featuring the lovely Dana Moret offering soulful jazz standards and some more modern fare, including a stirring rendition of the Beatles’ “And I Love Her” which she dedicated to her husband, Jim Papastathis III, who accompanied her on guitar. The second feature on the playbill was the talented Aaron Tomashefsky, billed as Aaron Patrick for his take on Elton John. A few friends stepped in to play with him including Tim Brisson on guitar and Michael St. John and Mott Reaves with vocals.

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