2013—Day 84/Day 55—Back to the Canyon

I have to confess I didn’t take a single photograph today. It is the first time in almost two and half years that I haven’t taken at least one photograph with my Nikon. I’m having computer and hard disk issues; my huge D800 files have finally filled every nook and cranny of my hard drives and my computer and I need to take a few hours to figure out what’s going on but I can’t take the time right now. Earlier today, I got an email from the “Nik Collection by Google” people announcing an update to software I had previously purchased; because my purchase was recent (right after my Grand Canyon trip) they’re giving me a $50 refund and updated software. I haven’t had time to look carefully at it yet but I tried it, exporting one of my Grand Canyon time lapse shots (another problem I haven’t yet resolved…getting my time lapse shots to look like a time lapse movie) and edited it in Silver Efex Pro 2, one of the Nik collection recommended by Moose Peterson on my trip to the Grand Canyon. The editing creates a very dramatic view of the Grand Canyon.

Day 60-44-Edit