2013—Day 45—Anatomy of a Sandwich

Since I will soon be opening a restaurant that features sandwiches, today’s post features one of the sandwiches we will serve: Mo’s Big Gunn Meat Combo, named after the quarry that once flourished across the street from where Famous Mo’s will open and where Famous Mo himself once tarried in the quarry pits. Yesterday a representative of Hormel foods gave us samples of many of the meats we want to feature, including two pound packages of turkey, roast beef, ham, and pastrami. Truckee Sourdough Bread Company will be providing most of our fresh bread and will deliver it to us daily from Truckee. On Monday, they brought some bread for us to try. I divvied up the meats and distributed them to the crew to take home and took some home to make sandwiches for them today. This is a long loaf made from the same dough that their Ciabatta bread is made from and since it was Thursday, and the bread was no longer super fresh, I decided to see if it would make a decent sandwich. Mo’s Big Gunn Meat Combo includes sliced turkey, ham, roast beef, cheddar cheese, sliced onion, tomato, Romaine lettuce, mayonnaise, and whole grain Dijon mustard on a French roll. This version substituted the slightly stale Ciabatta bread and added some fresh avocado. It was actually quite tasty; everyone liked it but decided it needed more meat.

After reviewing the shots, which I took hurriedly in hopes of using them for the website, I realize that once again I place the lens too close to the subject so they are not in tack sharp focus and I used too shallow a depth of field for a food shot. I think if one wants to display food at its best, it is probably better to have more of the food in focus than appears in these shots. Live and learn. My favorite shot is the second shot, probably because it has the best focus of all three and it is brighter than the others. I did some post processing of these shots but after reviewing them, I think I needed to do more. But, I don’t have time at the moment so they’re going to have to suffice.

Day 45-3

Day 45-26

Day 45-14

Day 45-32

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  1. You could make a living photographing food. It is an art and not many are good at it. I want to eat everything you photograph!

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