2013—Day 32—Which Came First?

This age old question is a conundrum of sorts: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I think I’m the side of the “egg” coming first but how the hell did it get here? I took a few shots of an egg this morning before I cracked it into a bowl and scrambled it for breakfast so in the long run, just so long as there is an egg to eat every once in a while, and a chicken, too, for that matter, I don’t really care which came first.

I had trouble with the lens focusing properly because I was putting the lens too close to the subject so the shots with the more interesting lighting didn’t measure up to my “in focus” requirements for the blog. This shot had the best focus of the shots I took, but I was disappointed that the lower shadow doesn’t appear in its entirety in the shot.

Day 32-16