2013—Day 47—Karamel Sutra

A year has gone by since I last featured ice cream and this multi-colored martini glass/ice cream sundae dish. If you click here you can see the point of view I used on February 18, 2012, when my Flickr group’s challenge was “full-framed.” Today’s challenge is “multicolor” and I reached for these colorful Mexican goblets to fill with my Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra ice cream that I purchased tonight on my way home from a frustrating incident at The Apple Store. Adding to my frustrations was the discovery that the ice cream I lusted after, a Häagen-Dazs flavor with caramel, chocolate chunks, and sea salt and that is as orgasmic as Ben and Jerry’s name pretends to be, was no longer available so I made do. The dribble of ice cream down the side of the glass didn’t look as good as I thought it would but it turned out to outline the edge for a better defined subject. When I took shots of the glass with an ordinary background, it looked uninteresting so I placed it on a black broiler pan and then placed a black back drop behind. I guess you don’t normally see ice cream photographed on black but I kind of like the results.

The other thing about this shot is that I finally used the CF card slot in my D800 and this shot was taken using that card. The D800 has an SD and a CF slot and I decided to get one for my Grand Canyon trip next week because it is supposedly a faster card. Not that I need to worry about the Grand Canyon running away from me but I decided I needed to take full advantage of my camera’s features.

Day 47-40

Focal Length 36mm
ISO 100
WB Tungsten