2013—Day 49—Wild Goose Chase

I took a literal interpretation of today’s Flickr challenge, “Wild Goose Chase.” I heard the flock of Canada Geese that resides across the street from Famous Mo’s on the land that used to be the Big Gun Quarry in Rocklin, so I grabbed my camera and headed over, in pursuit of my photo of the day. The geese tolerated me for about five minutes while I stalked them, until finally, one couldn’t stand it any longer and took flight. I felt a little like Euell Gibbons whose books from the ’60’s and ’70’s all contained some form of stalking something wild. Next I’ll have to go in search of wild hickory nuts, the flavor he attributed to Grape-Nuts when he was their spokesman. But, I digress.

Day 49-30

Day 49-32

Day 49-33