2013—Day 44—Lights, Camera, Action

After Bobo alerted me to the danger this morning, I chased the neighbor’s cat away from the fountain as it crouched waiting to pounce on the hummers who were trying to bathe. They squeaked at me and seemed to appreciate that their bath was now safe for the time being so I put my new lens on the camera, attached the speed light, set it on the tripod, TURNED VR OFF (!) and sat further away than I can with my other lenses and captured a few shots. I got only one keeper using the tripod but when I took the camera off the tripod, and TURNED THE VR BACK ON, I got my favorite shot of the morning.

I handheld this shot with VR on, f/4, 1/60, Speedlight

Day 44-10

I took this shot using the tripod, VR off, f/4, 1/50, Speedlight

Day 44-6

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