Today was a momentous day at Famous Mo’s Coffeehouse & Theater. We poured concrete into the cavernous trenches that have been the bane of our existence for the past several months. Digging the trenches was one of the first things we did in anticipation of getting our building permit and first inspection; at the time, we had no idea the process would be drawn out for so many months. I have been worried that someone would fall into one and be seriously injured. Several of us have stumbled into them on more than one occasion and a few visitors have come dangerously close to backing into one but we have been lucky and no one has suffered an injury as a result of one of the holes in the floor. I heaved a sigh of relief to see our concrete finisher, Felipe, who has been plying this trade for more than twenty five years, screed and smooth the surface of the wet concrete to a beautiful, smooth finish.

I set my camera on a box on the floor and took this shot facing into what will be our kitchen at Famous Mo’s. Today’s topic on my Flickr group is ‘leading lines’ and I think the light reflected on the wet concrete swath at the middle and the line at the edge of the concrete on the left, both lead the eye into and through the shot.

Day 46-98