2013—Day 40—Reflecting

This morning I noticed that one of the alstroemeria flowers in the bouquet with the lilies I featured in my blog yesterday had fallen away from its stem and lay on the windowseat, probably the result of my yanking flowers around last evening so that I could get the best point of view for my pistil and stamen shot. I liked the reflection it had on the windowseat and took several shots without moving it. After announcing that I preferred the black background as more dramatic in yesterday’s post, I discovered that the glossy background of the shellacked wood created an almost white background. I enhanced the white background on this shot by adding a white vignette and further changed the shot by reflecting the photo on its horizontal axis. I think this shot is every bit as dramatic as the shot I posted yesterday and just as lovely.

Day 40-33

One thought on “2013—Day 40—Reflecting

  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful composition- and I love the reflection! You may have discovered a new spot to take photos!

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