Dat 272—Empty Chair

I took lots of photos today; I took photographs of items that we won’t be using at Famous Mo’s and that we plan to liquidate. I hadn’t planned to post any of those photos that I took today to my blog but I kept being drawn back to this shot. It is just an ordinary chair but it looks rather forlorn, sad, and very empty against Mo’s currently funky floor and wall. To emphasize that forlorn look and the funkiness of the background, I changed the shot to black and white and added some grain. It’s too bad the chair wasn’t ratty; it would have added to the funky old feeling of the shot.

5 thoughts on “Dat 272—Empty Chair

      1. Hi. Thanks for getting back. I wanted to use it for a campaign to lobby a reluctant politician to sit down to talks with workers. I thought it captured the idea of an empty chair very successfully. However, time was tight and as I didn’t want to compromise your rights in absence of your agreement, I went with another (not as powerful) image. Best of luck with this and future photography projects. Nick

      2. Sorry I didn’t get back to you more timely. Thanks for your consideration and comments. I hope your campaign was successful.

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