Day 259—Overgrown

After ten days of scenic overload, I’m home. I have spent the day taking care of long neglected bills and birds (I had to pick up Bobo at the Clinic where I board her when I’m gone); doing laundry; checking in on Famous Mo’s tenant improvement progress (much progress but nothing photo-worthy yet) and reviewing menu ideas, many of which I found on my Thelma and Louise trip; and reviewing personal and business mail. Late this afternoon, as I returned from the mailbox with my four pounds of mostly junk mail that arrived in my absence, I realized I hadn’t taken a photograph yet today. So, I visited my Flickr Daily Challenge group to get an idea. Today’s theme is “grow.” While I was gone things in my garden either grew (my thai basil is exploding); languished from lack of attention (my three tomato plants are starting to look sad and are producing only a few tomatoes now); or died form lack of water (my kumquat bit the dust). The most promising for the “grow” challenge seemed to be the thai basil which has outgrown its tiny pocket in the strawberry jar, flowered and gone to seed, so that’s what I photographed.

I used my 24-70mm lens which I am loving. I used it for the majority of the shots I took on the Thelma and Louise trip.

ISO 100

I made white balance adjustments, increased exposure by 1/3 stop, increased contrast, and blacks.