Day 260—Just A Little Dotty

Today I had planned to catch up on things but the Digital Goddesses had something else in mind for me. I spent 3 hours at the Apple store this afternoon, trying to sort out why my Time Capsule backup no longer had any of my backups and why my September photos (except for those I thankfully had on my laptop from the Thelma and Louise adventure) had completely disappeared and could not be found by me, Lightroom, or the Apple Genius. I was distraught because I had lost hundreds of shots I took at the request of the California Foundation for Birds of Prey and that I had planned to use for the upcoming CFBP newsletter. I lost faith in my two year old 2 terabyte backup even though the Apple guy got it to start backing up again. Now have a new 3T Time Machine backup drive with plans to purchase another 4T to 6T backup for my photos. I was feeling a bit dotty as I left the Apple store at about 6 PM and I saw a display of gum balls and candy in round dispensers. I remembered that today’s daily challenge theme is “dots” and these seemed to fit in perfectly.

I couldn’t decide which I liked the best so I’m posting 3. I cropped each one and made a few other minor adjustments. Once again, I had my current lens of choice, my 24-70mm.