Day 266—I Do It Every Day

Today’s challenge theme is “the everyday.” I presume that means the mundane things that one does day after day. Well, every day I zin! When I saw this metal sign in a little wine shop we visited in Cambria last week, I knew I had to get it for Mo’s. Until Mo’s is ready, it resides in my house atop my eagle photo. I photographed it today, however, on white paper hoping to get interesting shadows. My lights weren’t intense enough so I tried my off-camera flash but I couldn’t remember how to get it to flash in remote mode and didn’t want to take the time to review. And, that is precisely why I don’t remember—I don’t take the time to figure out how to do it so I will remember. I chose the shot with the best shadows then fiddled in Lightroom, adding the “yesteryear” preset, a vignette, and grain even though when I took the shot, I made sure the focus was tack sharp and that I captured every nuance of the ragged, rusty metal. I could have used my old Kodak 126 for the grainy result I got.